Wearing Mens Tweed Jacket

Mens Tweed jackets are a great item to own. Whether you’re trying to smarten your look or whether you simply want to mix up your office outlet, there is a way to style them as they’re extremely versatile. If you don’t have one already, it’s time to join the mens tweed revolution. A piece of clothing that people originally saw as stereotypically old or ‘nerdy’ is now one of the most stylish items a man can own.

You can wear mens tweed jackets in both formal and smart casual look. Unlike a proper suit blazer, the material of tweed stops this piece from becoming too tied down to one style. Instead, it’s an extremely versatile and stylish item of clothing that you can wear in many different situations.

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Spot on you can’t beat a man in tweed. Great Post.

Alison Cloonan June 30, 2022

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