Men’s Tweed Fashion Now

Although tweed is deeply rooted in the British English heritage, today, like most things, it has been re-imagined, restructured and re-introduced for the fashion involved man.

We are now seeing a plethora of products made from it, mainly trousers and jackets featuring new cuts, and designs re-positioning tweed from a mainly conventional and traditional piece of clothing to an item with limitless possibilities. Most notably its the tweed slacks that combine the comfort and loose form of trousers with the warmth and en-durability of tweed material.

That means staying comfy, cosy and utterly stylish in any type of damp, and chilly situation the London weather puts us through. But tweed slacks is only one part of the newly revolutionised equation. Think new patchwork, zipper additions, new patterns and designs on jackets, blazers, bomber jackets and shorts. Just thank Tinie Tempah for taking it to the mainstream.

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