Grey Tweed Blazer

If you’re new to tweed, and you don’t want to go for anything that’s too strong or stand out, you might want to start with a clean, versatile colour with a minimal pattern. They’re various shades of grey, but a light tone is an easy colour to incorporate into more casual looks, so if you’re looking for something that you can blend into a variety of styles, then it’s a good choice. Because the colour goes with so much, you can match a grey blazer with less conventional pieces, creating a bigger mix of smart casual looks than you might have thought.

An easy spring or autumn look that’s breathable, neat and good for cool days, layer a light blue shirt under your grey tweed blazer, finishing off with some navy jeans, and balancing out the colour scheme with some brown boots. The blue shirt is similar enough in tone to the grey, which helps create a clean, light finish, with the brown boots grounding the outfit in a darker colour, and keeping it from looking too overly saturated. offers a variety of different accessories to pair with your grey tweed look.

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