Country dapper is a style a lot of men dream of being able to pull off but are simply too scared to try. There’s lots of tweed, plenty of brogues and a general look that you have to be super cool to wear right but working the country look down the aisle isn’t as difficult as you may think.

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We love tweed wedding suits here at Mens Tweed Suits and truly believe that you don’t have to live out on a farm to be able to work the look, so we’re going to be sharing with you some top tips for pulling off a tweed wedding suit to perfection on your big day.

  1. Pick Your Colour Palette Wisely

There’s a common misconception that all tweed suits are either brown or green but that just isn’t the case. If you’re under the impression that you can only buy tweed suits in these colours then there’s no doubt why you’re concerned about wearing one as these colours can be difficult to style at the best of times but luckily for the grooms of Mens Tweed Suits, we’ve got tweed suits in other colours too.

We love the classic brown colour palette for a tweed suit but in an attempt to make this style easier to work for all men, we’ve added other colours to our collection, including a light blue tweed three-piece suit that is a really unique look and unlike any other tweed suit you’ll have seen before.

Picking a tweed colour that you feel comfortable in and that works with the kind of colours you would usually opt for will make working this look a lot easier.

  1. Choose a Style You’re Familiar With

If you’re new to the world of tweed but really want to make the look work for your big day, we’d advise not throwing yourself in at the deep end and picking a fit of suit you wouldn’t usually wear as well, play some elements of your look safe and you’re guaranteed to feel comfortable.

If you’re a tailored fit kind of guy, find a tweed wedding suit in a tailored cut or if you’re more of a slim fit suit man, then find a slim fit you like the look of. Choosing a fit of suit you feel good in will automatically make wearing tweed feel a little easier.

  1. Accessorise It Right

The key to working a tweed wedding suit right is to accessorise it correctly which really, is the principle with most suits!

The accessories you choose for your tweed suit will depend on the colour you’ve gone for but the type of accessories you pick will generally stay the same for all suits of this kind. The number one rule, brogues are pretty much mandatory.

You simply can’t call a tweed suit complete without a pair of brogues, no matter what colour you have to choose to match your suit, you just need them to finish the look.

Tweed suits may feel a little less formal than your regular suit but when you pick a three-piece tweed suit, it still needs accessorising smartly, so a shirt that coordinates is a must and then a matching tie and pocket square are also essentials.

Try and add accessories that represent your personality, whether that be through a colour or a pattern and that will automatically help you own the look and make it work better for you.

Sporting a tweed suit down the aisle doesn’t have to be daunting if you follow these top tips on how to work the look right.

We love a tweed suit and for countryside weddings, they really are a must. Did you wear a tweed suit to your big day? We’d love to see how you styled this trend, so share your pictures with us on Twitter or Instagram!

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