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So today we have one especially for the boys, or if they're not bothered - the girls choosing the suits for the big day. As with wedding dresses, groomswear goes through definite trends over time. In my parent's day morning suits were all the rage, and for a long period Edwardian-style suits with strong coloured brocade waistcoats were de rigeur (thank god that's over!). Over the last couple of years the general trend has been towards more informal and individual trends in groomswear. Choosing the right attire for your wedding day needs to be a combination of individual taste, time of day and style of wedding, so today we're giving you a bird's eye view of the general styles of groomswear available so you can decide what kind of wedding suit suits you (or the man in your life).

First Question for the Groom: Formal or Casual?

As a groom when it comes to choosing a suit for your wedding, the first question, essential to have discussed with the bride, is: are we having a more formal wedding or a more casual wedding? Because this is how you could loosely bundle up the options for the groom.

Formal options include:

The Morning Dress/Suit: A traditional choice consisting of a tailcoat, waistcoat, and (striped) trousers. Most often seen at Ascot or on the Princes of England, this is a very posh option or for the groom who is a bit of a dandy.  Morning suits should only be worn for noon/early afternoon weddings.

The Tuxedo: Classic black tie evening wear, complete with satin-striped trousers and bow tie (cummerbund optional). Should be worn to evening weddings only. Avoid coloured dicky bows and cummerbunds at all cost (we're not in 1983!).

White Tie and Tails: The evening equivalent of the morning suit, white tie (and tails) is very rare in Ireland, but visit Oxford and it's pretty common! An extremely elegant choice for a formal evening wedding (ceremony should be after 5pm) but it could be difficult to hire full evening dress (its other title) complete with top hat.

Informal Groomstyle

Are You Even A Suit and Tie Man?

Over the last few years the combination of tighter budgets, more informal workwear (less suits) and an increasing interest in menswear and fashion, has meant that grooms taste when choosing a wedding suit has changed significantly. For many grooms now preparing to get married, the formal look has been replaced by a more informal, laid back look.

So in the Casual Corner we have:

Casual Suit/Jacket: A linen or cotton suit makes a casual and very comfortable wedding outfit for the summer groom. In winter a wool jacket and trousers instead. Either can be accessorised with a great bow-tie to make a groom stand out in a fun and relaxed way.

Modern Day Suit: Simple, elegant, preferably slim-fit (depending on the groom) two piece suit and easily accessorised with a fun colourful tie to coordinate with the bridal party.

Slim Cut 3 Piece Suit: This is a dapper and fun alternative for a man who wants a touch of formality and yet look modern and fresh. Smart choice of cufflinks and tie are essential, while a pocket watch would add a retro/vintage feel. This look is defined by a well-cut suit, so choose wisely.

Waistcoat & Bowtie/tie: Relaxed and informal look for a groom, and of course given our climate - only really suitable for a summer wedding. Probably best to buy a jacket to fall back on just in case!

Fashion Forward Groomstyle

Or Are You Mr. Fashion Forward?

Or if you're a complete maverick and have your own very individual style you could go wild and have as much fun as the groom fashion-wise.

Think colour, personality and individual accessories - each groom above has a particular style and he's stamped it all over his wedding day cos it's not all about the bride you know!

So now the question is What Kind of Groom Are You?

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