Best Turtlenecks Sweaters for Men

Now, there is a different style of men's turtlenecks, but whether you're going for a standard thin knit design or a chunky style one, how you dress one up or down can drastically change the overall look. There's no hard and fast rule that says if you're going for a smart look you have to go for a certain style of rollneck though, and chunky and thin styles can work for various looks.

How to Wear a Turtleneck Sweater with a Suit

Let's get the most obvious and controversial look out of the way first. Mad Men has proved that the 60s and 70s were a time for turtlenecks and suits and that this combination had varied amounts of success. We've learnt from the past that when it comes to a sleek suit, bold colours just aren't the answer, and it's best to actually try to downplay the look of your turtleneck rather than accentuate it.

If you want a bit more protection from the elements you can go with a thicker knit turtleneck. Don't worry about it looking too casual, as even the chunkiest jumper can be smartened up with the right blazer. You can also opt for a neutral, but slightly brighter, colour scheme, working with colours such as blue, black and grey to give your outfit a less rigid look.


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