The case for shoes

When it comes to matching dress socks with dress shoes, there are a few cardinal rules to follow. First, white gym socks are never a good option. Second, always coordinate the colour of your socks with the colour of your pants, since the two are always seen side-by-side. Third, have some fun! The days of black socks for every occasion are over. So, what colour you ask?

If you’re wearing black dress shoes…

There’s a good chance that your pants are also black or dark grey. If so, we love to see men choose a solid gunmetal grey for a classic, slight contrast. This combo is perfect for black-tie affairs, everyday office wear, or funerals.

If the occasion is more upbeat, say an anniversary party or prenuptial dinner, we think patterned socks – stripes, blocks or dots – are a fun way to bring your persona to the look. Anything from a rainbow palette to your favourite colours works with black shoes and dark pants.

If you’re wearing grey dress shoes…

Dark or light, grey shoes set off blue, grey, taupe, or white formal wear perfectly. They provide a contrast that’s neutral but eye-catching.

If the outfit features grey pants and grey shoes, we love to see a bit of colour in the socks. A bold, bright choice such as yellow or pink is perfect for celebratory events. A neutral tan or black is better for professional or subdued gatherings.

However, if those grey formal shoes are teaming up with a non-grey ensemble, go for a solid sock in a dark jewel tone. We love forest green, navy blue, or burgundy.

If you’re wearing brown dress shoes…

Light tan to chocolate or even darker orange-hue brown shoes is the go-to for many men. They look good with grey, blue, white, and colourful dress pants. The only pairing that’s not so pleasing is brown shoes with black pants.

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