Styling a Tweed Jacket

Tweed can be intimidating. Yes, historically, it has been synonymous with Ivy League professors, Sherlock Holmes, and gun-toting English gentleman. But today, it’s a smart and versatile staple that any man can and should incorporate into his wardrobe… especially during these bitter cold winter months.

Whether you’re trying to understand how to wear a tweed jacket that’s been hiding in the back of your wardrobe for years or trying to work up the courage to pull the trigger on finally buying one, we’re here to help. Here are five different ways to style the timeless but on-trend tweed jacket.

Consider denim on top or bottom

Because tweed is itself an informal fabric, you can effortlessly pair it with denim. While people often mention jeans, we think denim on top is perfect for a polished but still casual look. Ditch the tie and pair it with leather chukka boots for a more rugged ensemble or dress it up slightly with loafers or brogues. If you do pair your tweed jacket with denim, opt for warmer toned tweed or keep it classic and simple with variations of grey.

Impress a date by pairing it with a smart dress shirt

Okay, this won’t just impress a date. This is a smart option for the office, a casual holiday party, or for poking around town over the weekend. While we’ve featured two brown options, if you’re weary about how to style your tweed jacket, start with grey. Grey goes perfectly and easily with simple white and blue button-ups and is easy to pair with patterns like polka dots and stripes. Don’t be intimidated by how traditional tweed is and experiment with dressing your ‘dress’ shirt up or down. Our only warning: don’t over-saturate your outfit with one colour or tone. Mix-and-match warm and cool, dark and light, and off-set monochromatic looks with a pop of colour in your foot or neckwear.

Dress for the season in earthy tones

Because tweed is warm and naturally water-resistant, it’s especially practical for winter. Winter calls for brown, green, grey, blue, and burgundy. As a fabric, tweed is notorious for incorporating several colours, all effortlessly woven (literally) together. By pulling one or more colours from the jacket and representing it in a shirt, tie, pocket square, or vest, you’re guaranteed a look that’s smart, unique, effortless and seasonal.  Even if you don’t pull a colour directly from the jacket, earthy tones naturally look good together and make for an outfit that’s uniform but not overly matchy-matchy.

 Casual-cool in a t-shirt

We certainly aren’t the first to announce that it’s okay to pair a blazer with a t-shirt. But because tweed is – again – so traditional, many men might be weary to dress it down so drastically. But we’re here to tell you: do it! This look is incredibly versatile and notably casual and clean. Green jackets go best with tan or khaki while grey and brown jackets go well with white and blue tops. Of course, black (as always) goes with everything. If you do opt for a the casual t-shirt look, be sure to be consistent in dressing down. Wear jeans and informal shoes like worn boots or leather trainers. Given that tweed is worn most often during fall and winter, you can easily trade the t-shirt in for a sweater. Neither have a collar and therefore achieve the same effortless but sharp overall look.

Stand by tradition with a waistcoat

We couldn’t present stylings of a tweed jacket without featuring this timeless combination. While we’ve spent a lot of time explaining how to separate yourself from tradition, this look will bring you back to it. The ensemble requires slightly more effort than the other four, but the result is well worth it. Choose a waistcoat that compliments your jacket. This doesn’t necessarily mean that they have to be the same colour, but they should both be neutral tones like grey, brown, or khaki. For a modern take, pair the waistcoat and jacket with jeans or tailored chinos. For something timeless, go for wool trousers or even all-over tweed. Brown or black brogues or boots will complete your outfit, as will personal touches like a watch, belt, or pocket square.

The bottom line

Tweeds history doesn’t prevent it from being one of the most versatile options in mens’ fashion. It lends itself to dozens of looks, both formal and casual. It compliments everything from chukka boots to trainers, t-shirts to waistcoats, jeans to trousers.

So, how are you going to wear your tweed jacket?


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