Mens Tweed Wedding Suit Ideas - Be Inspired

A tweed suit has now become a major player in formal attire exposing colour tones that bring vibrancy and energy to wedding parties.

Mens Tweed Suits come in many colours and styles including check patterns and the classic herringbone and dog-tooth styles. It does not stop at that as now you can see more and more styles being introduced through tweed mills with over 1000’s of patterns being created ever year.

We are starting to see an increase in feather weight tweed suits for spring/summer weddings featuring light checks with bright colours to make that occasion look all the more glamorous.

Marc Darcy Menswear is now one of the leading British producers of wedding attire and we are proud to boast the full range on our website. Our mix and match service has been a huge success with our grooms and ushers wedding suits allowing them to mix colours to specifically tailor tweed wedding outfits to each event. 

Trying to find that balance between matching bridesmaids with groomsmen suits and ushers suits can be difficult;  but we have found it pretty easy with our mix and match service by enabling our customer to change the colour of the waistcoat, trousers or blazer. This works really well if the bride and groom are torn between two colour themes.

We meet hundreds of people who have an idea of what they want for the big day when they visit the Mens Tweed Suits showroom in Birmingham but our limitless styling options always change this perception especially with our knowledge of wedding suits and wedding themes.

You should be looking at wedding suits for your big day with an open mind as you can fit any style and any theme as long as it’s put together in the correct manor. Accessories play a huge part in this as the finer details are what make everything come together i.e bow ties and lapel pins.

Accessories are crucial to the final look; do not let it be overlooked.




I can't leave without telling you what our best seller have been. You will find an extensive list below of our best selling items. Fabulous checks and mix match wedding suits exclusively offered by mens tweed suits. Do not forget to finish off your outfit with some of our fantastic shoes from Goodwin Smith Footwear Handmade for your big day

The Marc Darcy Eton navy jacket and Trousers with the Kelly wine double breasted waistcoat.


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