Key Components of your Tweed Suit


A very important factor of a mens tweed suit is the fabric it is made from. We use a mixture of Holland & Sherry, Dormeuil & Loro Piana there are plenty of fantastic mills out there providing the great fabric and it's always important to ask your tailor what fabric they would recommend for you and the environment you're going to be using it in. 


Equally as important as the fabric, is the construction of a mens tweed suit. Often tailors will offer you a half canvas or full canvas option for entry level made to measure you may be offered a fused option we personally recommend staying away from this option. 


Good construction isn't complete without top-notch detailing. Make sure lining is of the best quality silk or cupro which is imperative to ensure you get the best out of your fabric. Inferior quality mens suit lining such as polyester can mean you miss out on the breathability and diversity that comes with our woollen offerings. 


It goes without saying that no matter how well made and how good the fabric when it comes to suiting it's all about the fit. Our tailors have over 40 years tailoring experience between them and it's from this refined knowledge how our measuring system was developed. Indeed, this is both an art and a science. As well as our measuring points, we make sure each of our tweed suits are truly bespoke to the customer's needs. That's why our team is trained to take measurements which will suit each client's individual body type - so we can produce time and time again. 

When visiting a new tailor for the first time don't be afraid to ask questions on how the suit will be constructed and where the process will take place. It will become very obvious if the person is trying to wing it or actually knows what they are talking about.

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